Nilzero Heavy Industries.

Putting the off in office and ass in assistant since 2003

Nilzero began April 1, 2003. A group of “fools” got together around the basement computer at Emily’s mother’s house and spent a good hour or two trying to think up a domain name that was both cool and not already taken. The already-taken factor being quite high for cool domain names. Our first attempts at and were quickly thwarted. Who would come up with such names other than we five?! No matter, someone obviously had beaten us to them. Onward we marched, and perhaps harkening back to that finest of films “Hackers” we may or may not have tried But somehow we landed upon And here has it been ever since.

Sadly, we saw big readership declines. A few later additions jumped ship. A few first-adopters quit the whole blog scene. Readership declined, followed by writership, followed by a marked rise of spambot visitorship (which if you don’t know it, is bad), and there on until now—a time where it’s rather doubtful that anybody even checks back to see what might possibly be happening here.

Anyway, maybe we’ll turn that around someday. Or maybe Nilzero Heavy Industries will go the way of the Dodo and that’ll be that. Who’s to say?

P.S. Yes, I still own this domain.