TikTok was looking at your clipboard – and you didn’t know it.

TikTok was looking at your clipboard – and you didn’t know it.

Via MacRumors

With the next version of iOS, the operating system that runs the iPhone, Apple has added a feature to show you when an application is using your clipboard.

Quickly, users who have been testing iOS 14 saw that the popular social media video app TikTok was grabbing their clipboard data very, very frequently.

TikTok users who upgraded to ‌iOS 14‌, for example, quickly noticed constant alerts warning them that TikTok was accessing the clipboard every few seconds. After being caught, TikTok now says that it’s removing the feature.

Why does TikTok or any other app need to access your clipboard so frequently? There shouldn’t be any reason for this. If an application is using the standard, built-in fields that Apple providers – like a text field for a message or a password field – the application should never need to know what’s on the clipboard.

And what is TikTok doing with this data? We have no idea — once it’s on their servers, they can do whatever they want with it, including storing it permanently. Should their servers ever be breached – externally, or internally by rogue employees – whatever was on your clipboard could just be exposed out in the open. Imagine if you’d copied a password to your clipboard!

Unfortunately, Apple isn’t preventing apps from doing this, just notifying you when they do. That’s another step that they could – and should – take.

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