The Future of Tech for the People

The Future of Tech for the People

I had the idea for this site in December 2018 and registered the domain on a whim. I started out with a small number of posts – now lost – about good passwords, two-factor authentication, stuff you could find on any other security site.

Realizing that I was duplicating the efforts of others, I gave up on it for a while, and tried to come back a few times with something novel. I revised the concept in my head a handful of times.

Imposter Syndrome Sucks

Every time, I had this nagging voice in my head asking, what if it’s not successful? What if no one reads it? What if I get something wrong? What if I’m just not good enough for this?

And one day I asked back, what is success?

If no one reads it, I still have the practice in research and writing.
If I make a technical or factual error, it’s an opportunity to learn.
If I’m just not good enough… how do you even answer such a vague question?

Filling a Void

There are plenty of sites that report on technology, privacy and security. Major news outlets have dedicated sections on those topics at this point. What I want to make this site different is who the writing is for: non-technical people. Activists, organizers, fighters for justice and equality everywhere. Working-class people who know that Facebook is stealing their data while they doomscroll – and do it anyway because, well, what option do we have?

There’s plenty of information out there about security. I’ll often link to those guides when they’re useful. When they’re not, I’ll write my own. What we lack is a real political and economic analysis of technology as it’s used by corporations and the national surveillance state – sometimes in conjunction with each other.

Going Forward

There will be 3 main types of content on this site:

  1. News clips: Quick bits of interesting news with a small amount of commentary. I scour the Internet to pick out the most fascinating items to point out.
  2. Analysis: Longer-form articles, sometimes based on a news story and sometimes not, addressing a deeper technical issue from a working-class perspective.
  3. Tech Tips: Once a week, usually on Fridays, the Tech Tip will highlight – with instructions – one step you can take to secure your digital life.

I’ll be publishing content regularly: At least once or twice a day for news clips, once a week for tech tips, and at least once or twice a week for analysis pieces. You’ll also be able to find this all on Facebook and Twitter, too. If you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll get the week’s stories in your inbox on Friday mornings.

Are You Doing This for the Money?

Yes, I’m accepting donations via PayPal or Venmo. I’m also launching a Patreon, where patrons will get early access to content and some other nice perks!

Ultimately, Tech for the People is a labor of love for me. It will always be a free resource, but costs money for hosting and takes a lot of time. So a few dollars here and there will help – but won’t make or break the project as it is now.

What Do You Want to See?

This is Tech for the People, after all. What kind of content do you want to see here? Email me,, and let me know.