Welcome to Tech Tip January

Welcome to Tech Tip January

Every day in January, Tech for the People will feature simple steps you can take to make your online presence more secure. From passwords to WiFi to social media and beyond, each tip will guide you through an important aspect of cybersecurity.

But first things first: 2020 was a tough year, online and off. A pandemic threw millions of people into extremely desperate situations, taking away jobs, social lives, education and more. Data breaches, state surveillance and private data companies amassing our info seemed to be in the headlines every day. Politicians shouted about Russia this and China that and blamed everyone but themselves.

You don’t have to do each of these tips every day. Maybe you catch up at the end of the week and pick & choose what sounds do-able for you. Maybe you’re coming here in the middle of the year. Whatever works for you.

The prospect of spending a month or more tightening your online security might frighten you. I totally get it. Just writing out the list of topics last month made me panic a little, thinking of all the things I haven’t done recently, or done enough, or need to revisit for myself.

Today’s tip is to take a breath.

That’s it. Seriously. I hope you don’t feel cheated.

Take a breath. You don’t have to do everything today, or any day. In fact, this course will be the most beneficial if you don’t rush through it.

If you can today, take it easy. Not just in tech but in general. Whether you work in a hospital, Amazon warehouse or at home, no matter if you’re an experienced technologist or wouldn’t know a TikTok if it slapped you in the face, take today to look forward.

We’ve got a lot of work to do, individually and collectively. The EARN-IT Act is still out there. Biden wants to revoke Section 230. Criminals still want your credit card info and passwords. Amazon, Facebook, Google and others are still sucking up your data for advertising.

But today, we’re going to breathe and be good to ourselves. See you Monday.