Tech Tip: Lock down your Venmo privacy
Photo by Tech Daily on Unsplash

Tech Tip: Lock down your Venmo privacy

Venmo, for some reason, views itself as a social network and not just a payment system. You see this when you open the app and all your friends’ payments are right there in front of you.

Do they need to see your payments – and do you need to see the world’s? Unfortunately you can’t stop seeing what your friends are doing (unless you send this guide to them) but you can prevent others from seeing yours in a few easy steps. Check out this video and the guide below.

Make Your Transactions Private

Set it so no one can see the notes you put in: open the Settings, tap Privacy, then Private. Go to Past Transactions and then tap Change All to Private to make this change to all your past transactions, too!

Hide Your Friends List

This isn’t Facebook in 2007 – no one needs to see who you’re friends with. Back in Privacy, tap Friends List, then tap Private. And deselect “Appear in other users’ friends lists” while you’re at it.

Turn Off Social Connections

Venmo doesn’t need access to your Facebook or phone contacts. Back in Privacy, tap Friends & Social, and uncheck all the options there.