The Reboot 03: Security is Political

The Reboot 03: Security is Political

Rae and Chris talk about what a 0-day vulnerability is and why you should care, the NSO group being used to attack Palestinian human rights and civil society organizations, why tech companies don’t take security more seriously — and a lot more.

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Chris on Twitter: @cmg
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Rae’s article: Corporeal moderation: digital labour as affective good – If you have institutional access, you can find it at Wiley Online or through your academic institution’s library

Elinor Carmi’s book Media Distortions (Open Access!):

Sarah T. Roberts’ book on commercial content moderation, Behind the Screen:

Kim Zetter, Countdown to Zero Day:

Front Line Defenders – Six Palestinian human rights defenders hacked with NSO Group’s Pegasus Spyware:

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