Ring Around the Country
Ring photo: slgckgc on Flickr

Ring Around the Country

Ring, the home surveillance company owned by Amazon, proudly boasts of its over 1,900 “partnerships” with police agencies. Ring rewards departments who promote its products & services, despite having little to no evidence that it’s effective in solving crime.
And it’s creepy.
Through the Neighbors Portal program, police can request surveillance video from anyone with a Ring camera. This puts the privacy of anyone who just happened to walk or drive by a house with one of these devices at risk.

On a blog post promoting these partnerships, Ring includes a map of departments without an easy way to look through the list without clicking each dot.

Search the table below for your local or county police, or click the Filters bar to search by state and year.




Name State Started Type

How did you do this?

The map on Ring’s blog post is hosted on Google, so I downloaded the associated KML file and wrote some code to parse that into something a little more easily readable. The source code is available on GitHub.